Our Spa

Our spa blends one thousand exotic natural ingredients, spices, root, herbs and flower that gives total luxurious and unforgettable celebration of indulgence. The products we use for the treatments are coming from the original Bali island and have been used for generations among Balinese Royalty. Our spa will take you in a wonderful treatment with natural ingredients that will send the waves of relaxation through your entire body, recover your physical, soothe your soul, revitalize your sense and mental harmony. After the treatment, you will get a total relaxation on your body and long lasting feeling of silky skin and exotic aroma of the luxurious spices.

We offer indulge Balinese technique with exotic spa natural treatment. Combination between dedicated professional therapist with special technique and selected natural ingredients will give you a total luxurious and exotic experience of ancient art of body and beauty care. Further more, with the beauty of surrounding nature, quite place, and open fresh air in the villa will make you feel more enjoy. Our professional therapist will serve you from the heart, very kind, more careful and never intrude on your tranquil experience. Aroma therapist oil and flowers tantalize the sense of smell will make you sleep deeply in the relaxing and harmony.

All spa treatment will be arranged in the privacy of guest's villa. Open from 10 AM until 10 PM. Reservation should be made 2 hours before the treatment time.